The Imperial is sponsoring a player, Ross Jones, this year at Rotherham Titans, but the coach wouldn’t let him come!

He had to train, so instead of Ross the coach allowed 4 of the guys who have been injured this season to come over to Retford. They helped us to celebrate the opening of The Imperial, and to make sure that Tina’s breakfasts were good enough for hungry professional athletes!

James McKinney, Ali Birch, Will Ryan and Dan White spent the morning at The Imperial, checking out the breakfast choices, and making sure that the other offerings were up to scratch as well.

Four of the Titans Rugby Team visit The Imperial, Retford

Titan’s supporter Steve Bott was there to take photographs, and also to check out the range of cakes, coffees and sandwiches on offer. Hopefully Ross Jones can come and visit soon, and we can see if he’s a coffee or hot chocolate lover – or perhaps it will be a healthy salad and fruit juice – he needs to keep Josh Fletcher, the Strength and Conditioning coach happy!

Breakfast for the Titans!

Tina, Becky and the rest of the team look forward to seeing him play on some of the Sunday fixtures as Saturday’s are just too hectic to be able to have a day off to watch rugby!

Titans Rugby Team players visit The Imperial, Retford