Food Menu


Toast, with butter and jam (G/M) £2.20

Toasted tea cake (G/M) £2.00

Crumpets (E/G/M) £2.00

Breakfast muffin (E/G/M) £5.95

Vegetarian breakfast muffin (E/G/M) £5.45

Muffin with scrambled egg (E/G/M) £4.95

Muffin with scrambled egg & smoked salmon (E/F/G/M) £6.50

Bacon or sausage sandwich (G/M) £4.95

Full English breakfast (E/G/M) £6.95

Full vegetarian breakfast (E/G/M/S) £6.50

Tuck into a delicious full english breakfast at The Imperial


served with home made coleslaw (MU/E) and side salad

BLT  (E/G/M) £6.50

Club sandwich  (E/G/M) £6.95

Chicken  (E/G/M) £5.95

Ham  (E/G/M) £5.95

Egg mayonnaise  (E/G/M) £5.95

Prawn Marie Rose  (E/F/G/M) £5.95

Brie and caramelised red onion chutney  (E/G/M/MU) £5.95

Cheese and tomato  (G/M) £5.95

Cheese and onion  (G/M) £5.95

Other combinations to order – please ask

Sandwiches at The Imperial, Retford


Goat’s cheese and Parma ham  (M/SD) £7.95

Ham  (SD) £6.95

Chicken £6.95

Prawn  (F) £6.95

Chicken Caesar salad  (M/S/MU/CY/SE) £6.95

Plain salad £4.95


Pancakes with ice cream and sauce (E/G/M) £3.95

Tasting plate with a selection of 4 home made cakes (E/G/M/N) £4.95

Delicious desserts at The Imperial

Light Lunches & Snacks

Pear, bacon and brie muffin  (G/M/SD) £5.95

Hummus, olives, salad and pitta  (G/M/SD) £5.50

Home made soup  (G) £4.95

Home made soup and a sandwich  (G/M) £6.95

Panini, Wraps and Toasties  (E/G/M) £5.95

Jacket Potato £6.95

A selection of fillings for the above are available:

Creamy bacon and mushroom  (E/G/M/SD)
Roasted vegetables and goat’s cheese  (E/G/M)
Prawn Marie rose  (E/F/G/M)
Tuna mayonnaise  (E/F/G/M)
Chicken and melted brie  (E/G/M)
Cheese and caramelised red onion chutney  (E/G/M/SD)

Other combinations to order – please ask

Lovely light lunches at The Imperial

Hot Lunches

Fish cakes & seasonal veg or salad  (E/F/G/M) £8.95

Sausage and mash  (E/M/S/SD) £8.95

Vegetarian hot pot £8.95

Gammon and pineapple  (E/G/SD) £8.95

Homemade quiche of the day with salad  (E/G/M) £6.95

Afternoon Tea

Crumpet Afternoon Tea  (E/G/M) £3.95

Cream Tea  (E/G/M) £4.95

Traditional Afternoon Tea for Two  (E/F/G/M) £25.00

Traditional Afternoon Tea for One  (E/F/G/M) £13.00

Selection of homemade cakes  (E/G/M/N)  £2.95

Homemade scones  (E/G/M)
– with butter £2.50
– with butter and jam £2.75
– with butter, jam and cream £2.95

Homemade cheese scones  (E/G/M/MU) £3.10

Enjoy a drop of what you fancy at The Imperial Tea Rooms

Specials Board

We have a constantly changing Specials Board for additional menu items and details of any events.

Our Specials Board

We have endeavoured to cover all allergies, however dishes containing gluten and nuts are prepared here, so we cannot guarantee any dish is 100% gluten or nut free.

Key: Celery(CY), Crustaceans(C), Eggs(E), Fish(F), Gluten(G), Lupin(LP), Milk(M), Molluscs(MC), Mustard(MU), Nuts(N), Peanuts(PT), Sesame(SE), Soya(S), Sulphur dioxide(SD)

Gluten free options available.